Atlanta Mototrsports Park DE

April 27 - 28

de Registration for our Sept 29-30 DE at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, GA is open at

This will be our first DE at Atlanta Motorsports Park. This is a brand new track, 2 miles in length with 16 turns and lots of elevation changes. This will be a full event with 1 instructed and 3 solo groups. We will NOT offer a beginner group so you must be a Group 2 driver to register for the instructed group.

PLEASE NOTE!! AMP has strict noise limitations of 98 dB. More details below.

Because of the smaller track our run groups will be smaller than our normal events at other facilities which means this event will likely sell out very quickly.

Also note that the support infrastructure around the track is still under construction so paddock space is limited. Come join us for our initial event at this terrific new track!

More Information on the noise limits direct from AMP:

The sound ratings at Atlanta Motorsports Park are higher, or more liberal, than almost every day at Laguna Seca, Lime Rock, Infineon, Eagles Canyon and most European tracks, to name a few.

We have the most advanced sound level meters available, and measure in multiple locations, therefore passing sound at another track does not guarantee compliance at AMP. Please be prepared to have solutions to fix your car.

If in doubt, inexpensive sound meters can be found at Radio Shack. As a baseline test, drive by the meter at 50 feet under wide open throttle at speed with the meter set to FAST, and C weighted response. Keep in mind that cars under load going up hills produce more sound than on flat ground, and rain or humidity affect sound levels as well.

Exhaust turn downs (even slight ones), turn aways, flanges, deflectors, or other end tip “creative solutions” are not allowed.
Exhaust must exit straight out of the car parallel to the ground. Cars with straight exhausts with no mufflers or silencers will not be allowed on track. Fresh muffler packing is highly advised.

We measure 98 db at 50 feet from the track edge on both sides of the track.  Seven DB meters are located around the track and are moved during the day.  Drivers who are accustomed to "lifting" in certain places will be disappointed. All cars will be pre-inspected including preliminary DB reading - this rating will be lower than a car under load.  Be aware that if a stationary car shows near or above around 95 dB, it should be modified prior to driving so that you can stay on track and have an enjoyable experience.

There are several aftermarket solutions available to help with sound compliance. Balanced Performance is located on site at AMP and has been very successful helping track day guests with sound reduction. 

PLEASE be sure you can meet the noise restrictions before registering.  If you get to AMP and are asked to leave because your car is too loud, there will be NO REFUNDS.

See you in September!

Chris Clarkin

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AMP Course Diagram

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